PS throughout has been extremely professional and caring

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2017 and after a further biopsy, MRI and bone scans was recommended to have my prostate removed. After researching surgeons on the internet I arranged to meet Mr. Prasanna Sooriakumaran (PS) on 26th July 2017.

The meeting with him was hugely encouraging, given his experience and his confidence that a successful outcome to surgery could be achieved I decided to go ahead. Eight days later I underwent surgery. PS and his team were extremely supportive throughout this process and everything was explained fully to me. I returned home to recover, PS rang to give me my histology results which were very good. The catheter was removed a few weeks later and since that time I have experienced very little leakage.

PS throughout has been extremely professional and caring, his stated aim is to remove the cancer and preserve your continence and potency. I cannot recommend him highly enough and thank him for all his work.

Mr. Robert Brennan

Under PS’s guidance I underwent an extremely successful radical prostatectomy.

I was introduced to Dr. Prasanna Sooriakumaran, otherwise known as “PS”, in May 2014. At that time my cancer had already spread beyond the prostate and conventional wisdom would have considered it inoperable with my only option being systemic hormone therapy. However, under PS’s guidance I underwent an extremely successful radical prostatectomy in January 2015. This procedure didn’t cure my cancer but things have been kept under control since then despite my initial prognosis being very pessimistic indeed. PS’s care and expertise have been exemplary throughout and he has always kept me informed of progress as well as any new possibilities for treatment.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been a part of his team, he has always given excellent advice and made sure that I felt listened to and that any concerns were taken note of. PS has maintained an interest in my health throughout this process, and I hope he will continue to do so for as long as possible!

Anonymous, aged 63

I consider myself fortunate to have been operated upon by such a skilled and experienced surgeon

Dear Mr Sooriakumaran,

I’m now back in Malta and, almost a month after my prostatectomy, progressing well. In fact, I’m pleased to report virtually no incontinence at all, with erectile function slowly returning.

Thank you for having agreed to perform my robotic-assisted surgery. I consider myself fortunate to have been operated upon by such a skilled and experienced surgeon, as well as supported by a great medical team at UCLH. I also greatly appreciated Katie’s support in the week or so preceding the surgery.

On the 30th October I will be back at UCLH for the histology results.

Best wishes,

Mark La Corte

Mr. Mark La Corte

After the operation I felt I had received outstanding care from Mr PS

Dear Professor Levi [Chief Executive, University College London Hospital],

Regarding: Mr Prasanna Sooriakumaran

I am writing to let you know and to thank Mr Sooriakumaran, known as PS, for the outstanding care I have received from him since being diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer 2 years ago.

Two years ago I had a general health check through my work company which found my PSA was 4.2. I was subsequently referred to Oxford where I had a biopsy and was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. This came as a great shock to me as I had suffered no symptoms in the months prior to my health check. Mr PS successfully performed a robotic radical prostatectomy; post operative pathology showing a pT3a prostate with a 2mm positive surgical margin. Mr PS also removed 21 of the local lymph nodes; one of which was positive.

After the operation I felt I had received outstanding care from Mr PS; building up a great trust in him. At every point of my illness I always felt he was willing to do his absolute best to ensure my prostate cancer went into complete remission. To achieve this remission he always considered all options available and had a proactive approach towards my treatment throughout. He has always listened to my ideas and concerns regarding all aspects of my care; personalising this care so we were always both positively moving forward.

I was devastated when I heard he was leaving Oxford to go to your hospital in London and my instant reaction was to ask if I could stay under his supervision. Following the excellent care and advice he has provided, over the last two years, I was more than willing to travel to London for my future appointments. This initially had to be cleared with Oxford and my local GP but much to my relief I was allowed to carry on seeing Mr PS at the University College London Hospital.

My PSA levels, since the operation 2 years ago, have been consistently low (0.01) and my family and I cannot thank Mr PS enough. I feel I have been blessed to have such a brilliant and caring surgeon.

I felt it was only right for me to let you know how highly appreciative I am.

Yours sincerely,

Johnnie Reynolds

Mr. Johnnie Reynolds

I now feel every day is a new experience thanks to Prasanna Sooriakumaran.

My doctor informed me it was necessary to see a Urological Consultant in 2015. Having considered my position and realising I needed the best possible consultant, I contacted Mr Sooriakumaran via his secretary.

lthough I had none of the typical prostate symptoms, Mr. Prasanna Sooriakumaran suspected a problem and immediately arranged a scan and later transperineal biopsies of the prostate. This confirmed his initial cancer concerns despite my PSA being low.

Mr. Sooriakumaran carried out a robotic assisted radical prostatectomy in November 2015 due to an aggressive cancer that had already spread beyond the prostate. As the cancer had spread my procedure was a non-nerve sparing operation, a small price to pay to save my life. The expertise of Mr. Sooriakumaran enabled me to return home the very next day and my PSA continues to be undetectable.

I was referred to a urological physiotherapist for exercises to illuminate incontinence, this was successful. As the nerves were removed during the procedure erections were weak; prescription help was available such as ‘Caverject’ and a variety of other drugs.

I had no hesitation in the decision to have the procedure mainly due to the confidence I had in Mr. Sooriakumaran that has been totally justified. I will never be able to thank him enough for saving my life, he is truly an exceptional man.

My life has changed since being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I now feel every day is a new experience thanks to Prasanna Sooriakumaran.

Thank you.

Mr. Colin Ledbury

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Sooriakumaran and the Santis team.

I was rather foolish but was saved by sheer good luck. My grandfather had treatment for prostate cancer but I had never considered the possibility and only went to have a blood test at my local surgery because I was worried about my cholesterol level. A locum GP simply ticked all the boxes on the form and when the results came back my cholesterol level was fine but I had a PSA level of 5. The GP was pretty casual about it and said that there was probably nothing to worry about. He did a quick digital examination but was not able to feel anything, but fortunately he suggested a retest three months later. That came back with a level of 5.7 and at that point he told me to have an MRI scan and a biopsy.

I was so much in shock that it was only three days later that I remembered that I had a private health insurance policy paid for by my employers. To start with I thought of having my treatment locally in Gloucestershire. I had my biopsy and MRI scan in a local private hospital and when these came back positive I was eager to have a robotic radical prostatectomy as soon as possible. However, the lack of a local private hospital with the necessary equipment led me to look further afield. Very quickly I found the Santis website and within 24 hours I was booked in for an operation at the Princess Grace Hospital. I was most impressed that the surgeon, Prasanna Sooriakumaran, took the trouble to ring me in the evening to talk me through the process, and I enjoyed meeting him for a preoperative assessment where he gave me plenty of time to understand what my options were. I was delighted to learn how many of these operations he has done as the level of experience is clearly of the utmost importance to getting the best possible result.

Not having had an operation since my tonsils came out in childhood, I was moderately apprehensive. This proved to be quite unnecessary. Mr Sooriakumaran and the anaesthetist Dr Sultan, were both very reassuring and I woke up feeling a little groggy but in no pain whatsoever. Mr Sooriakumaran took the trouble to call my wife after the operation to let her know that all had gone well. I chose to spend two nights in hospital, which was not totally necessary but which gave me a chance to learn how to use the catheter and to get used to walking about. A lovely physiotherapist made sure that I was confident on my feet and encouraged me to walk up a short flight of stairs. I enjoyed a very comfortable private room and some delicious food. Before I left I took a shower in the en suite bathroom so I returned home feeling quite civilised.

For the first couple of days I stayed at home and wandered about the house, but by the end of the first week I was walking slowly around the village for half an hour at a time. Giving myself the injections of anti-coagulant was unnerving, but once I had done the first it was much easier. After a week I had a call in the late evening from Mr Sooriakumaran to let me know the marvellous news that the pathology report showed the cancer was contained in the prostate and that my chances of being totally cancer free were very good. One of the best phone conversations of my life.

I returned to the Princess Grace to have the catheter out after a fortnight and had the pleasure of meeting Mata, the specialist nurse. She laughed at the ridiculously large pads I had come with and gave me a large cup of tea. To my absolute amazement not only was I able to pee quite normally but I was also able to control my bladder with no problem at all. I had anticipated months of incontinence, but I have been able to sit through two hour theatre performances with no difficulty whatsoever and am completely dry both night and day. I still do my pelvic floor exercises to be on the safe side.

The nerves on one side of the prostate had to go due to the cancer but on the other side they were spared. Even at four weeks I am capable of a semi erection without the use of drugs and I am hopeful that in time this will improve. If I need some extra help with a few pills that really won’t be a problem.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Sooriakumaran and the Santis team. The operation could not have gone any better, and the tiny scars left after four weeks show how well my body has healed. The pre-care and aftercare have been superb and have always made me feel that my well-being was at the heart of everything.

Mr. Mark Smith

Nothing short of a medical miracle as far as I am concerned!

Dear Mr. Sooriakumaran,

It has been a long time since I have put pen to paper to write anyone a thank you note – but think this is more than deserved!

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 42, which is very young to be diagnosed with this. After the initial shock, spending months going through various tests and the realisation that this was very serious and needed to be dealt with I was transferred to your care.

I just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thanks from myself and my family for your care, understanding and your professionalism in dealing with me. It sounds crazy but I really enjoyed coming in to see you as I know I would not only get all the answers I needed, but you were so friendly and there was no “10-minute time limit”.

My radical prostatectomy took place just over 5 weeks ago on 21st March 2018 and the results have just been short of amazing. It was so reassuring to have a little chat with you after the operation and recovery was so much quicker than anticipated. The scars were almost gone within a month, I was leaking a lot less than I thought I would be and I am starting to get my sexual function back already after 5 weeks – nothing short of a medical miracle as far as I am concerned!

It felt like I had to put my life on hold until the operation was done, and now it is all done, it feels like I can get back to my normal self and continue with life.

The additional news of the prostate histology was also good news a few days ago, no nasty surprises there!
I wish you all the best for the future and really hope that medicine can progress to the point where this type of cancer can be identified and dealt with in an efficient manner.

Kind regards,

Shiraz Janjua

Mr. Shiraz Janjua

This is an incredible achievement and I am eternally grateful to you for curing him of prostate cancer.

Dear Prasanna,

Thank you so much for the advice and the surgery that you have given to my father, George Michael. This is an incredible achievement and I am eternally grateful to you for curing him of prostate cancer. The career path you have chosen is completely selfless and a miracle for people who need you, like my father.

Kind regards,


Mr. Paul Michael

From day one PS put us at ease, making us feel confident that surgery was a good option.

My first thought when writing this today is that I would like thank Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran for his kindness during an extremely difficult time, he always had time for us and explained everything in ways we could understand. He was always courteous and considerate and had time for our questions, and if he was not available when my husband rang he always returned our calls at his earliest opportunity.

In May this year my husband Stephen was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and tests revealed this had already spread beyond his prostate, into his bones and lymph nodes. We were advised he would have been considered inoperable under the usual NHS treatment. However, he was put forward for a trial, and went to see Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran to see if Steve was a suitable candidate. From day one PS put us at ease making us feel confident that surgery was a good option. He was sure that the surgery would be successful and he started the ball rolling immediately.

On June 22 2017, Steve had his surgery, a Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy performed by PS and his team – and thankfully, this was a complete success. I waited in the family room for 5 hours while the surgery was taking place, and PS ensured I was informed as soon as it was over.

PS visited us on the ward, and explained in detail what had happened and what we should expect in the coming weeks – everything has gone to plan so far and although we know we still have fight against the cancer in his bones, we feel safer knowing the prostate has been removed.

Once again, thank you.

Mrs. Julia Ferry

Thank you for the honest, considerate and courteous way in which you treated me

Firstly, I would like to thank Prasanna Sooriakumaran and his theatre team for conducting my robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy in early June 2014 which resulted in a successful outcome for me and to thank him personally for the honest, considerate and courteous way in which he has treated me during the consultations.

My wife would also like to thank you for phoning her straight after the operation. She really appreciated the honest and detailed conversation which she felt answered all her questions and put her mind at rest at the end of a very difficult day for her.

Our thanks once again.


When I met PS, he inspired me with such confidence that I knew he was the surgeon for me.

If you are like my wife and I, you will have launched into a frenzy of research about prostate cancer treatment as soon as diagnosed. Two things are constant. The side effects of treatment are all similar and if choosing surgery the best outcomes are from high volume surgeons. I have been very lucky to not only have found a high volume surgeon but one that is also one of the highest volume practitioners in the relatively new Retzius-sparing technique.

Mr Sooriakumaran (PS) is an exceptional surgeon, his very low rates of complications and very high rates of early return of continence are documented and remarkable. When I met PS, he inspired me with such confidence that I knew he was the surgeon for me. PS was even happy to arrange the use of a hospital that he had not used before, as my insurance preferred that location. PS really cares about every patient and ensures that you are well informed at every stage and came to see how I was doing regularly, despite not being in one of his usual hospitals. Within 24 hours of surgery, I had taken a walk to the hospital coffee shop, climbed some stairs and been able to regain proper bowel function. I had the catheter removed at 11:00 one week after surgery and had passed the TWCT and ready to catch the train home by 14:30 with only very minor urinary leakage so practically dry immediately.

These terrific outcomes are entirely down to the skill of PS and his expertise in the Retzius-sparing robotic surgery. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Sooriakumaran.

Mr. Malcolm Cook

Thanks to you and your team I have the all clear

Dear Prasanna,

It is 5 months since my RP and I am dry, climbed Mount Snowdon in August and feel great.

So thanks to you and your team I have the all clear!

Many thanks and best wishes,

John Beardwood

Mr. John Beardwood